Friday, February 6, 2015


How many times I have said that I will make THE new design in near future? Well, it's here! Done. I did it, yay! There are small things that I will change still but from now on my blog's design looks like this. It's been wonderful and productive days and I'm happy about it!

I got bored with the older one  - I had it for two years like the previous one too. I started blogging in Jan 2012. I have this thing you know - I want to make new things.

I also want to tell you a short story behind the new header. I was in Venice in the beginning of the Jan 2015 and it was a great journey. I took part in Local Milk's Food Photography Workshop and met so many wonderful people and saw the magic happen in front of camera. Everything was so beautiful. Very talented people like Beth Kirby and Ginny Branch - what else you need to get inspiration? 

venice workshop gifts photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
It was so beautiful place - Venice - you could walk everywhere. I found beautiful old treasures like cardboard letters I've used in my blog's header. It was one very small antique shop were they were in a rusty metal box. There were many of them and I guess they use to be part of some kind of word game like Scrabble (handmade!) but I only collected what I had in my mind. I've been planning my blog's new design for awhile and when I saw those cute and decayed letters...and I'm quite sure they whispered to me...we are coming with you ;) I also decided to make handwriting in old-fashioned way. Don't ask how many times I wrote those link letters and still they aren't perfect because they are handmade :) And who wants perfect? I know I go quite a long way when I'm doing something but it's always good to keep in mind when to stop.

My blog will still be about creative spirit and inspiration but now it also has a real touch of vintage or even antique - literally.

Today I photographed beautiful gifts we got in Local Milk's workshop. You can follow the IG links if you want to know more about makers of these treasures. There will be at least one Venice post still coming up...

snake spoon @_sandwichshop_ 
bath salts @ederleshop 
perfume @naninstudio 
aprons @icemilkaprons 
tea @marbleandmilkweed 
paper recipe cards @signoraemare
Pastiglie Leone @pastiglieleone 
How about you - do you like my new design? Have you had thoughts of changing things lately?

Happy weekend!


PS. It would be very cool to hear who made that game and how old those letters are....only if they only could speak ;)


  1. Kaunista, kaunista! Ja todella inspiroivaa. Ja mukavaa kuulla prosessista.

  2. Kiitos kiitos Nina, kiva kuulla! Prosessi on kyllä tärkeää ja on hurjaa huomata miten esimerkiksi hyvä valo lisää inspiraatiota tehdä asioita ;)

  3. Yay, looks great Kreetta!! And I followed your trip to Venice with pleasure and light envy ;) Beth Kirby is a hero of mine, so great you got to meet her and work with her!
    Looking forward to seeing more creative/vintage inspiration on your new and improved blog! :D xx Anne

  4. Hi Anne!

    Thank you Anne! You have to go to Venice! It's always great to meet people who's work you admire :) I wish I have time to blog at least once in a week. Have a great week!

  5. Kreetta it's looking fabulous-congratulations! I'd love to do a Local Milk workshop if I can. Love your pictures!

  6. Hi Caroline!

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm sooo happy to hear! I wish you can do it too! You learn while you are spending time with lovely people. That is something!

  7. Hi Kreetta,

    I love your new design! Congratulations!! I also adore that there's a personal story attached, it makes it all the more special. Totally envious that you got to do that workshop, what talent! Big hugs, Mel xx


  8. Thank you, thank you Mel!

    You can imagine the feeling when I found those letters and understood what I can do with them ! :)
    I hope you can do too! Isn't she coming to Australia, Byron Bay?


  9. Ohhh sounds like the most wonderful workshop! Wonderful to meet up with such like-minded and creative people - love your new blog design Kreetta and congratulatione! I loved the old one too and that story you told on video, I was quited impressed by that and of course still am:-) This one is maybe more subtle but still super inspirational and super Kreetta style. Have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Mette!

      Thank you and great to see you here! My previous design was more playful too. But I got the feeling that I need to change it. This design was more ready in my head so I didn't do the video...but it's good that you reminded me about the video making...I have to make one because it's been awhile...have lovely week Mette!


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