Saturday, February 14, 2015


Heartful Valentine's Day to You! We love snail mail, don't we?  But we don't get it too often and we don't send it too often either? Well, now you can do something about it. You have a chance to win 5 unique postcards with this image.

dried flowers photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

I photographed it today. With this postcard you can remember your beloved ones. I think this kind of day is important but I think maybe we should remember our friends and family a bit more often. Or at least I know I should :) so that's why I thought I make it a bit easier for you. I won't make more than 5 pieces of this image. So they are - really - unique.

It's simple. Answer to a question: What is your favorite flower? Leave a comment and you are in. You just have to do it by 20.2. 2015. I will draw the winner after that date. This is for all people from every corner of the world.

I wish you beautiful weekend!



  1. Apilankukka! :)

  2. Oi ihanaa! Mun lempikukkani taitaa olla ruusu. Teen kuivatuista ruusuista kaikenlaista kivaa ja niitä mun ninitchi-rintaroosseja, ne on kaikki ruusuja...mulla on ruusutapetteja...joo, ruusu se on!

  3. Yes, here. Paeonia that is eli pioni. Ihana, runsas, mutta samalla hauras. Just love it !

  4. i love all kind of flowers
    snowdrops, muscari
    but surely the most beloved one:
    the dahlia!

  5. That's a very lovely image, Kreetta! It would be wonderful to send it over.
    My favorite flowers depend on the season. Peonies in spring, Hydrangeas in winter. English garden roses all year around:) Have a great week and I believe I hadn't told this yet but your new blog design is really nice! x

  6. Upea kuva!

    Oma suosikkini on kyllä siro Lemmikki. Kaunis kukka, jonka erityisyyttä jotenkin vielä lisää sen englanninkielinen nimi : Forget-me-not!

    IG: nellairis


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