Friday, August 15, 2014

Workspace - My Very First One

workspace photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

Have you dreamt of your own workspace? I have. So many times. 

workspace photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
Finally I can make my dream come true - this is it. My workspace. It's so amazing feeling. It's almost so wonderful feeling that you want to hide it...because somehow it's so hard to believe it's true. You know the weird thought that if you are too happy things might go wrong...yes very weird. But the thing is you just have to have enough courage to make your move to make a change to get what you really want. That's not easy, I know. Took many years to do mine. Maybe it's just about right timing.

workspace photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
I love that natural light that comes in from beautiful windows. I hope I can photograph a lot with it. I want to photograph food, still life, lifestyle and people. 

I also want to bring a lot of plants to my workspace. If you want to see what I've been pinning on my workspace board you can find it here. I've been painting the walls and actually yesterday I thought it would be ready. But no, I was too lazy. We have had thunder and rain in the nights and I haven't slept that it didn't happen yesterday. I got also one new idea how to paint one part of the walls. I will continue painting today and next week and I promise to show workspace to you when I get it ready - enough.  

Have a lovely Saturday! 


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  1. Congratulations, Kreetta! The space looks so nice and I can imagine how wonderful it feels to have a workspace like that. Good luck with everything you're planning to do in there!

  2. Thank you Lena!
    Great to hear from you! I wish that I can invite you there someday :)
    Have a lovely week!


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