Thursday, April 17, 2014

Feeling Easter

Happy Easter! Spring is giving it's best at the moment. We have light, birds are singing, little by little the green is growing and we are starting to get warm days with bright sunlight. Hooray the winter is gone! I have been working the whole autumn and winter with my project "frayed and crackled" in ceramics. I'm so happy to say that finally I've got something to show to you. But before that I wish you enjoy my Easter feeling photos! Yes, they are dark. I followed the idea of traditional still life painting. I made them two weeks ago when I was working with air plants. Those photos you can find here.

What kind of Easter you are going to have? I'm off to Paris with my husband! It's my birthday present...I've waited this so much. It's good to get older I guess, haha...and enjoy the spring in the beautiful city.



  1. Happy Easter to you to. Delicious pictures X

  2. Thank you Hazel! Lovely Easter to you too!

  3. Absolutely stunning still life Kreetta. So happy for you to go to Paris with your husband, it looks like you had a wonderful time from IG, I look forward to reading about it. M xx

  4. Hi Mel!
    Thank you! We had nice time there and now I'm a little bit tired and going to work, haha. But so big, interesting and beautiful city...going back some day.

  5. Kreetta, these photos are amazing! I didn't see them before because I didn't have much time to browse my favourite blogs lately, therefore my late comment… Again: Beautiful paintings. I mean, photographs ;)

  6. Hello Lena!
    Great to see you here! I have had also too busy time...hope the summer will bring us more relaxed time.


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