Friday, April 4, 2014

Easy DIY Easter Egg - Dyed With Turmeric

easter egg natural dye turmeric photo by

This method is so much faster than my avocado natural dyed eggs. I made this DIY while I was waiting my avocado dyed eggs...This is so simple that you can make these on Easter day and you won't be late with your Easter decoration for your dinner party. All you need is cooked eggs, vinegar, masking tape, pencil, utility knife, cutting board, measuring tape, turmeric and a kettle with warm water....ok, you need more than one or two things, haha. But very basic ones!

Measure the egg's circumference. Use that measurement with masking tape on the cutting board. Draw the pattern. Cut it with the utility knife. Attach the patterns to the egg carefully. Then warm water and add turmeric, 1-2 tablespoons and a bit vinegar. Put eggs to turmeric water. Leave them there for 5-15 minutes. Move eggs time to time. Longer the egg is in the water more the masking tape leaks. The time depends on how deep yellow you want and how sharp pattern. 

Masking tape takes a lot of color too. Take it off.

This is easy way to make quite lovely Easter eggs. You can make these with kids too. I'm sure the kids will enjoy of making them! They don't have to be too perfect, I think...and I just love the yellow I got with turmeric. 

Here you can find a bunch of different kind of Easter egg natural dyeings.

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ps. I can't wait to get my fingers on my air plants! You'll see!


  1. I have never died eggs with turmeric, only with onion skins (for a yellow dye), and I will definitely give it a try - it looks so pretty. Thank you so much for sharing, Kreetta!

    You can also draw patterns with lemon juice, the nasty concentrated one in those yellow round plastic bottles works best. The egg shell won't take any colour (or very little) when you draw on it with citric acid. The tricky thing is that you can't really see where you have painted the egg, but dots and stripes are easy to accomplish ;-)

  2. Thanks Juliane! I totally have to try it! Sounds fun...painting with lemon juice, definitely trying that!


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