Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabric printing

Day 3.

rolling pin

My third printing day was a mix of trying with different kind of fabrics with different patterns and different methods. Haha..I made three different print patterns. One with rolling pin and I say that was quite fun. I used contact plastic and foam. I printed on fabric that already had print - an old duvet cover. Print was inspired by pearl necklace. 

rolling pin print

When using rolling pin, one has to think more carefully about pattern that one can make more even print. Mine is quite rough and needs a little bit development...but somehow I like the roughness. It's a good contrast to the very romantic roses.

Then I made two simple shapes from foam and played with them. It's much more easier. First drops on stripes and then on dots.

drops print

drop print

And then I finally made one of my - at the moment favorite - harlequin.

harlequin pattern

Very simple often works better than complicated. And I think this is the best of all. Now I have a lot of small pieces of hand printed fabric...we'll see what they turn out to be.

harlequin, drops, dots

That's it. Three days of hand printing. It was fun and you don't need a big space to do it. I had my own ways to do it. I used woodblock together with foam, carved woodblock and rolling pin with contact plastic and foam. No linoleum carving...but you know one thing what I'm going to do before I continue fabric printing again is to get linoleum and wood carving set. I want to try it!


  1. Such a great idea! How did you ink the rolling pin as it went along?

  2. Thank you for your inspiring post! I am dying to try this out with my 9 year old! I can then sew up some new dresses for us!

    Can I ask you what type of paint you used?

  3. Hi Christine and Barb!

    I used very ordinary ready made fabric color...I went with the easiest one.

    And with rolling pin...I had plastic surface where I had the paint on and I just rolled the pin in it. You can see from the pattern that the amount of paint isn't all the time the same. It is easier with block printing to keep the quality of the printing color.

    Thanks for stopping by!



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