Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fabric Printing

Day 2.

If you want to carve wood - do have proper tools. I didn't have and it took time. Printing quality is also more difficult to keep with wood stamp. If you want to buy a wood block stamp - there's plenty for example in Etsy. If you want to DIY you should go to shop and buy wood carving tools. I'm like that kind of person who doesn't mind to read manuals and who doesn't obey rules necessarily. So sometimes it's not easy...but it's rewarding when you manage to make something without proper tools...and you don't have to be too serious.

wood block stamp by gretchen gretchen


wood block printing by gretchen gretchen

Now I have already 5 different kind of printed fabric. Actually I have six. Yesterday I also went back in history and made one wood block with foam. I just love dots so I made big dot. And I'm sure my printing quality is better with foam combined my concentration. But of course foam isn't so environment friendly as wood is so that is something to think about. And when you are cleaning up remember not to flush paint straight to the water supply. Wipe as much ink as possible off the printing tools. We do want to take care of our planet, don't we. Yes, I know...I'll have to work on with wood carving so I can forget foam.  

wood block + foam printing by gretchen gretchen


  1. Fun experiment! In your experience, what kind of fabric works well for block printing? I have a wood block stamp from India and I'm thinking of using it on baby things, like soft cloths (swaddling, burping, etc).

  2. Hi Deepa! Yes, I have very colorful apron at the moment :) well, I am no pro in this - just started - but that I can say that you should wash the fabric before that it doesn't have chemicals on surface. Iron the fabric -it have to be very plane surface and be careful when you are printing. I tried cotton and tricot, both were ok. Make a test with woodblock before actual printing. But it's great and fun !


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