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Pia-Mari Parkkinen ©
© Photo by Pia-Mari Parkkinen Her beautiful flower arrangement #floralartnow
Last weekend we dived in the world of flowers. On Saturday we made a colorful flower arrangement and photographed it. On Sunday we went after beautiful flower photography. Beautiful flowers, moody and inspirational workspace and good food by talented and lovely cooking book author, cook, journalist Meri-Tuuli VäntsiWhat else you need to have a perfect day? I will show you some pics from these two days. I was teaching the flowers and photography so did not use a lot of time to photographing but I was very surprised I found so many pics I can use in this post. 

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Flower bar

The most important is ingredients. 

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Help was truly needed and my lovely trainee Iisa was a great help.
There is a lot of work behind the flower workshops. Planning, informing, organizing, ordering the flowers and materials, prepping, cleaning, painting the backgrounds for photography, labeling, catering booking etc.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
I love small surprises!

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Few minutes before the workshop begins.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
These ladies were totally focused on their flower arrangements.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
There is perfection in imperfection.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Student's work. Flower arrangement by Anna.

I love to play with colors so I have plenty of colors that you can combine as you wish and want. I have chosen the flowers so that they go well together. You might not like all the colors, then you can leave them out and use the ones you really like.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Then you photograph the arrangement with your own camera or phone.

If you have used at least two hours to make the flower arrangement then you really should take a bit of time to photograph it too because when you take it with you it won't look exact the same when you arrive at your home. 

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Flowers love dark and a bit chilly.

For me it's always been a kind of challenge to keep my cut flowers alive at home because we have a bit too warm. So what you can do to longer the life of cut flowers is you can put them to rest cooler place during the night and daytime never to direct sunlight if possible. 

We used a lot of tulips in my workshops and they were intentionally wide-open. I love how they show their inner beauty too. Of course they don't last so long anymore but when you make floral art you use flowers when they are the most beautiful and suitable for your art work. Then you also take a photo of it and you will always have your flower work with you.


Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
We painted a background for our flower photo.

On Sunday we photographed flowers. We painted backgrounds for our photos by Annie Sloan chalk paints I got from Måla and More. Working with them was super easy and they dried quickly so we could use them during the same day.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Photographing demo

We went through very basics of photography. Aperature, shutter speed and iso numbers, these are the three things you have to learn that you can photograph in manual mode. You also have to photograph  in order to get better.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Such concentration

Two days went quickly and it was wonderful to meet all the lovely ladies during these 2 days. For me it's important that students takes something with them home and not only flowers but most importantly a bunch of good spirit and inspiration and day well spent.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Thank you!

When will be the next flower workshop? 

That is the question I have heard few times after these workshops. I work as a photographer and artist so these flower workshops are great combo with my daily work. But because I am co-working at the moment flower workshops with different companies I need to get more clear picture of the spring to schedule my own workshops. But I think if not before then in June. Send me an e-mail if you want to hear about these workshops by e-mail: or you can follow me in Instagram @kreettakreetta or Kreetta Järvenpää Photography FB page I will inform in these two what's happening in my flower world ;)

Have a sunny Sunday evening!


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