Saturday, September 19, 2015



styling photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

This time I go with a very important matter in photography. Style. How can we create our own? How can we find our own voice?

I've been thinking this a lot after having a food photography workshop last weekend. It was a great fun but same time it was very obvious that we all see things very differently. Achieving the goal you need the creative process and that might not be easy to teach. Nowadays I think creative process is a very personal and you need to work it from your own perspective and experience. You also have to be ready to work - pure work - with the different kind of things like colors, textures, angles, techniques, compositions, shapes, materials, light - the list is quite long and for me it was quite hard because I did not like tabletop photographing at all. No, I did not.

styling photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

I liked to photograph people. But years went by and I started this gretchen gretchen blog 2012. This was a free space to make whatever I wanted. I could build my pics of things I liked. My vintage treasures. I think that was the key holder for me. Freedom to work when I wanted and style with things I liked. I started to enjoy playing with things in photos. But I have worked a lot and I still need a constant work to develop my skills. 

styling photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

When we are talking about style - we also talk about a matter of taste. How can you teach a good taste? What is the good taste? We also have to remember that our mind doesn't stop. Everything developes and by the time we recognize that something has happened we have taken many steps to different directions and finally we have chosen the one that really makes us happy and content. You could call that your style. 100% proud of your work even though it's not perfect. So I could say that you can't teach a style to anyone without help of the person's perspective and experience. You can teach how you do it but really finding a style and the voice of your own you need to process on your own - learning by doing, researching and finding your creativity and artistic voice.

styling photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

Style and your voice is very fundamental but there are plenty more to learn same time like composition, lightning, colors, shapes...but don't worry, if you just start working - you will get closer everytime. And yes, you are creative. You just have to wake up the process.

Here are my Top 5 how to begin.


Pinterest, books, magazines etc. Look totally different kind of things. If you are interested about photographing food, please go and see fine art from beginning of 1800's or else. Everything is connected.


There is not easy way. Trying, working, trying, working. Learning by doing. I know it sounds flat but can't help it.


Make your workspace very comfortable and bring there things you like and you get inspired by.


Let things happen. Don't force it. You won't get great work done everytime. It doesn't matter. More important thing is that you work.


For me music is very important when I'm creating things. Make different kind of creative music lists. Let it flow. 

Most of all - have fun!


ps. If you want to see what we did last weekend in food photography workshop, you will find them in Instagram #10ruoka #työhuoneovi10


  1. You got me interested about your creative music list! Is it possible for you to share it or at least tell something about it?

    1. Hi Karo-Liina!
      I have playing lists in Spotify called create and hipstery etc. Depends on what kind of feeling I have. I am really into Ane Brun's live 2013 list and XX in general.


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