Wednesday, June 25, 2014

With Aran Goyoaga - Food Photography Workshop in Iceland

frozen peony photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

You know the feeling when something happens what you have waited sooo much? Tomorrow I'll fly to Iceland - never been there before. It's been in my travelling wish list for awhile. I guess now it is the moment to start backing...In Iceland I'll take part in Aran Goyoaga's food photography workshop by Ace Camps. This is actually my second time and I love to go there and enjoy of like-minded people with good attitude and great spirit. So stay tuned...and do go and see Elin's blog, who I met last year in this great workshop. Quite a lady!

...and yes frozen peonies. I got the idea yesterday when I was thinking about Iceland and saw Call me cupcake's beautiful blog post about frozen herbs and flowers. Let's see what that mysterious country of fire and ice is ready to give us.



  1. The pictures of her blog are breathtaking I have to say. I love every single one of it. Very happy for your stay and learnings, Kreetta!
    I've heard a lot about Ace Camps, would love to read your experience afterwards too. x

  2. oooh, i wish you a nice and wonderful time in iceland, country of ice and fire. one day i want to visit this lovely country to <3

  3. @Gudy Aran is super talented and lovely woman! Ace Camps - they are the best :) I hope I can show you some images, we'll see what happens in IG and on blog too...afterwards :)

    @Lotte This is so lovely place, I can say after one day...worth to see and experience. I hope you can come here some day ;)

  4. I can't wait to see your post about that workshop, I'm very curious about it. Awesome opportunity!!!

  5. Hi Cintia! Great to see you here. It was - again - wonderful workshop. So relaxed but still you learn from the teacher and from others. I recommend.

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