Thursday, May 29, 2014

Are You Growing?

Time to time I need to think where I am and where I want to go and what should I do next. These thoughts have been with me this spring. A lot. I know a lot of things I should do here at our home, haha... but now I'm talking about bigger things. 

tomatoes growing photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

I love to be a person who just decide and make things happen with good attitude and courage. But I'm not. I need to think things quite a long time depending on how big THE thing is. About ten years ago I decided that I want to be a good photographer. So I've been going forward with that thought in my mind. Yes, I'm a professional photographer now and have quite nice portfolio.

But what now?
What I want to take for my next goal? I admit I'm not ready to say it aloud.

basil photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

What kind of questions you have in your mind?

pesto photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

Maybe growing is like our lunch pesto today. I didn't have basil, I didn't have macadamia nuts or pine nuts that I normally use in making pesto so here's what I did.

I used nettle, dried sage, a bit dried basil too instead of fresh basil. I used almonds and sunflower and sesame seeds instead of macadamia nuts. It looks like pesto and it tasted good. On top of it I had small basil leaves. Fresh basil is already growing next to our living room window. 

There are so many ways to make things happen.



  1. I can relate you so much in what you said here.. I think also long before making some changes, be it in my home or in my life. Sometimes I feel, that I shouldn't think so much and do more instead of thinking, because many things can be changed along the way. For example the paint on the wall, which I have currently on my mind. Of course, there are things that can't be changed...

    Have a nice weekend, Kreetta!

  2. Hi Anu!Yes, that paint can be painted again - with different color if the first one isn't just the right one...but that you don't think when you are thinking the right color ;) I know what you are talking about. But you just have to start from somewhere!! Have a lovely weekend too Anu!


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