Friday, November 16, 2012

Holly meets Circus

Lovely morning to you my reader - where ever you are! This week has been ful of working on handmade projects and time to time you have to get some energy and new ideas to make it happen.

earrings by gretchen gretchen

This friday is dedicated to Holly Becker and Circus. Both has given me lot of fine inspiration and ideas and power to continue on my path to bigger creativiness. Holly is great example of a lady who doesn't give up and believes what she is doing and makes it happen. And she engourages others too to make the change. Circus is so fascinating world - I love it! It's strange and weird but same time magical. There will be more work coming soon. This is only a beginning.

Here's two links of the day that you can see what I'm talking about.

Holly Becker on  Kelly Hoppen's blog telling her story.

A big image bank of circus by Circusmuseum, collected by Jaap Best.

Let's make it happen.

Have a lovely weekend!

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