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flower arrangement at Måla and More workshop photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
floral design by Satu in Måla and More workshop

It's almost autumn. Two days ago I was thinking what happened one year ago in my life and I remembered that September 2017 was a big month for me. It brings me very good memories. My first flower arrangement workshop happened in September Habitare 2017 at Asun magazine exhibition. It was wonderful gift from Asun magazine for the Habitare guests. A free flower workshop. We had a huge line of eager ladies and I only could take ten. I was quite excited maybe a bit nervous too and the time flew and suddenly there were ten flower arrangements ready to be photographed. So I think the past year went quite same way. Fast. A bit nervous. Eager. Restless. Happy.
flower arrangement for Johanna Gullichsen window photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
my flower arrangement for Johanna Gullichsen shop window in Helsinki

This past year has made me feel a bit overwhelmed. I've been asked to teach floral design, expecially arrangement in various places like in Asun+Anno home, Kultaseppä Kulmala, Måla and More, Johanna Gullichsen, H&M home. A good design and colorful diamonds with group of wonderful flower ladies - not bad at all. I'm more than happy about all these workshops.

Flower arrangement workshop in Asun+Anno home photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
flower workshop in Asun+Anno home in December 2017

Details at Kultaseppä Kulmala photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
details in Kultaseppä Kulmala

Kultaseppä Kulmala flower workshop photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
my dear Fritillaria Persica
Arranging flower workshop is a project. It's a process that begins with planning and ends with cleaning the workshop. A lot of work in between. I never counted the hours I've spent in one workshop but it's a lot. I want that the workshop is so good that everyone is happy after the day. 

Kultaseppä Kulmala flower workshop photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
in every workshop we take pictures because you have to have a record of your beautiful floral art

Every time is different. Every flower arrangement is different even though we all use same flowers. We are different. After every workshop I think how could I express my way of working better. The real and short version is - intuitive. But you can't teach people by saying "I like it this way. Someone asks "Why?" My answer could be "Well, I feel it and see it." Believe me I've been working hard to find the right words for the creative work with flowers. But it's quite same like in painting. Colors, texture, shapes and composition.

flower arrangement workshop at Måla and More workshop photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
s set up at Måla and More before our flower students arrived

First one is always the hardest one or is it? I don't think so. Second one is the hardest one. To continue. When you begin from zero knowledge you are free of every rule. I think the best way to work with flowers is to keep it very relaxed. Never plan too tight what you are going to do because it's all about ingredients and they will direct you for sure. I could say I make big decisions when I choose flowers for the workshop. But when we are talking about flowers you can't promise certain flower with certain color because you might not get it. You always have to have a plan b. Flowers are also quite expensive material to work with.

flower arrangement workshop at Måla and More workshop photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
blue flowers - I like, do you?

Colors, shapes and textures. I love to combine colors in quite bold way but I know that when I choose colors then I need more time to create the flower arrangement. I love the challenge - how to get all the colors together in harmonious way. And the important thing is time. You need time. You are surrounded by all the beautiful flowers and yes you should have time to enjoy it. It's important to have also a break. A pause. Part of creative work is learning when to take a pause. Take a few steps backwards, do something else. Drink coffee, walk or eat delicious food.

food by Meri-Tuuli Väntsi at työhuone ovi 10 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
delicious lunch by Meri-Tuuli Väntsi at työhuone ovi 10

That brings me back to our workspace työhuone ovi 10. I have organized workshops there from the Autumn 2016. I organized my own flower arrangement and flower photography workshops first time in Mars 2018. 

I believe that all we do should make us feel good so in workshops there are beautiful flowers, photography, good food, beautiful natural light and time. I co-work with my lovely workspace colleague cook, food stylist and cooking book author Meri-Tuuli Väntsi. Can you imagine when you have worked almost two hours with your flower arrangement and you might be in a spot where you don't know what to do next? Then is the right time to forget the flowers and take a pause - and eat something! Talk with like-minded people. 

photography props at työhuone ovi 10 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
when we photograph flowers we also have props

After lunch we continue with flower arrangement and when it's ready we begin to photograph. You photograph your own beautiful flower work with my help. We see the arrangement through the lens and make some adjustments because the world is different through the camera. You might need photos for your portfolio or you want to make an art photography print on your wall or maybe you just want to show your friends your floral art. But we also do it because it's good to photograph your arrangement before you leave the workshop because never know what can happen to it.

photographing at työhuone ovi 10 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
learning manual exposure

I've been writing about flower arrangement workshops but I also arrange flower photography workshops where we go through very basics of manual exposure. It's worth to learn if you are planning to get better in photography. On that workshop day we don't make a flower arrangement but we photograph flowers with props. You learn bits of composition too. Manual exposure will open you a new view to photography. Finally you get your blur to the right place.

H&M flower arrangement photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
a flower arrangement for advertise H&M Club flower workshop

All you see here in this picture is done by a photographer. Developing your own skills in different things is always a good thing. I've noticed that painting has helped me to make better photos and it was easier to begin with flowers too - colors, shapes, textures. The most unpleasant feeling comes when you have a doubt that you can't do it. How can you know if you never try? You don't have to be the best - enjoying is enough reason to begin.

Floral crown workshop at Johanna Gullichsen photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
flower crown workshop at Johanna Gullichsen
Many of the students have been so happy and almost surprised about their arrangement or crown. Flowers are wonderful ingredient to make feel good art.

flower arrangement by Kristiina in my first flower workshop Asun magazine/Habitare
floral art by Kristiina

If you are still with me you are in the beginning. This flower arrangement was made in Asun magazine flower workshop in Habitare 2017. A lot have happened and I don't know what to expect from the next year. I'm a photographer and now also flower artist. Love the combo. I love photograph food and lifestyle  (and flowers of course !) and I love to make flower art.

flower arrangement for HelsinginSanomat story photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
flower arrangement for Helsingin Sanomat story in spring 2018

I'm very thankful for all the lovely stories about me in different magazines like in Helsingin Sanomat. They asked me to make this flower arrangement above with basic flowers from the flower shop. Ok, I added few mine special ones but still it's quite basic, haha.

flower arrangement we made together photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
flower arrangement done by 30 people

Thank you for reading my blog post and I want to wish you a wonderful autumn ! This pic above is from this year's Taiteiden yö in Helsinki. We made flower art together - 30 persons and look how it looks? Not bad? Quite bold and wild I think. That's good, don't you think?

floral art now flower workshop weekend photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

More information about flower arrangement workshop

More information about flower photography workshop



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H&M home flower workshop photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

In the times of the pictorial glut it's even more important to understand the power of one photo. 

In July I had a chance to teach a flower workshop at H&M Home in Iso Omena for 2 wonderful groups of lucky members of H&M Club. This pic I styled and photographed for H&M for marketing these workshops. I also used it in my own Instagram feed and offered a chance to win 2 places in these workshops for my followers. I just love the idea of one photo but of course I had to take few and finally I used two pics in my feed. One when announcing the competition and one as a reminder pic.  ( and when I'm telling in IG about this post I will use the third one) 

Social media demands often more than one photo but there is a difference between enough and overload. Before I began my Instagram feed January 2014 I was very convinced that I don't need or actually the world doesn't need more of my pics but I was wrong. From Instagram I found very lovely community of people who I'm following now and we are having great conversations and plenty of useful tips have been shared and mindful thoughts too. I've got so many thankful comments and DM:s about my flower photography that it's been almost overwhelming.

Yes, my feed is full of flowers and (at the moment) Mama Haruki's kittens too. There are posts of food too but mostly flowers. I have over 14 000 followers and I'm very grateful of that and always happy to read all the comments. Maybe now I can call myself social media influencer. I've made few Instagram takeovers and I have to say I've enjoyed a lot making them. Love to tell this to you because I'm back at work and it's time to create something new and beautiful, don't you think? Something what we haven't seen before. 

One more thing. I was smiling today when I saw the cover of Vogue. There were huge flower headpiece and Beyonce. I had an art exhibition I See Color in January where I had huge floral headpieces. I taught flower crown workshop at Johanna Gullichsen shop in Helsinki in May and designed flower crowns for Supershe Island summer 2018 retreatsFlower crowns are made by Bukettmakaren. I guess we are not so far from each other anymore. The world and us.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018



Mustila Garden photo by

I think there is never too much beauty and luckily I have a chance to create and share it.  Yes I'm talking about flowers and I think there is a lot more to it than just beauty. Why we love flowers and plants? What do flowers, plants, garden and nature mean to us? They have many symbolic meanings (though less familiar nowadays) but I am more interested about what they give to us. 

Mustila Garden photo by

I love to photograph flowers and work with them. It's not the easiest job in the world but not the hardest either. It's not the most important work in the world but I think you can make it important by how you use your talent with them. In a nutshell they bring joy and comfort and that's why I think they are very important. 

This spring I made Instagram takeover at Mustila Garden Instagram account. As a creative and artist I wanted to make best of it of course. In my case I believe in atmosphere and emotions. The pic have to somehow make an impact.

So let me tell you shortly about Mustila Garden. It is a fine Finnish garden shop next to beautiful Arboretum Mustila. Arboretum was founded 1902 and it is especially famous for its rhododendrons and azaleas. In Mustila they have had the knowhow for over 100 years. Mustila Garden grow for example different kind of Magnolias and plenty of different kind of treasures for your garden. They work for better and more beautiful garden so I think they grow food for our souls.

Mustila Garden photo by

We all have our own history and memories. Flowers are often present when something important happens - in different kind of celebrations. A lot of our memories connected to garden and flowers are from grandma's place or childhood home's garden or maybe a place where you made a trip you never forget. Maybe you stole a piece of pink flower from your favorite place and you keep it between your diary pages. Flowers have inspired many artists and creatives - there is no question about it - they nourish our souls. Not only by how they look but also how they have magical scent too.

Mustila Garden photo by

They say gardening is a secret of a longer life and it might be only a belief but there are reasons to believe it too. True or false - garden makes people happier and relief stress. Gardening is truly slow living and you have to wait a whole year to try again and I think the way we live our lives nowadays we might need a pause and that is what nature or garden offers us. A moment of connection with the world we are part of and where we are coming from. We are not made of iron or plastic.

Mustila Garden photo by

My final pic in Mustila Garden Instagram takeover was this pic of grandpa's and grandmom's attic. It's a picture of something important to me. I created it at my workspace and it's totally product of my imagination. But it's very connected to my childhood memories. I'm rooted strongly to a farm house, my mom's childhood home. 

I lively remember how I loved to spent my summer days following my grandpa and my uncle working with cows. Every morning I tried to wake up early to get to see how they were milking the cows and I was always a bit late. There are all things together in my mind: scents of cows and fresh cutted hay, small potato field and the feeling of warm soil under my bare feet, strawberry cake, wild summer flowers and midsummer roses with scent of cardamon baked roll and the funny sound of cuckoo clock that I still have at my workspace even though it doesn't work anymore. This attic is a symbol of all that. A secret place, full of old things and memories. This is what I think we all need - a safe haven. For me it was this picture for you it can be something else like a corner of your balcony with plants and flowers or your garden where you can jump off the running horse and pause your life for awhile. Because we all need it.

Storytelling can be powerful and affective but often it have to be a right story in the right place and that is the challenge. 


Sunday, March 25, 2018



Pia-Mari Parkkinen ©
© Photo by Pia-Mari Parkkinen Her beautiful flower arrangement #floralartnow
Last weekend we dived in the world of flowers. On Saturday we made a colorful flower arrangement and photographed it. On Sunday we went after beautiful flower photography. Beautiful flowers, moody and inspirational workspace and good food by talented and lovely cooking book author, cook, journalist Meri-Tuuli VäntsiWhat else you need to have a perfect day? I will show you some pics from these two days. I was teaching the flowers and photography so did not use a lot of time to photographing but I was very surprised I found so many pics I can use in this post. 

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Flower bar

The most important is ingredients. 

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Help was truly needed and my lovely trainee Iisa was a great help.
There is a lot of work behind the flower workshops. Planning, informing, organizing, ordering the flowers and materials, prepping, cleaning, painting the backgrounds for photography, labeling, catering booking etc.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
I love small surprises!

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Few minutes before the workshop begins.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
These ladies were totally focused on their flower arrangements.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
There is perfection in imperfection.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Student's work. Flower arrangement by Anna.

I love to play with colors so I have plenty of colors that you can combine as you wish and want. I have chosen the flowers so that they go well together. You might not like all the colors, then you can leave them out and use the ones you really like.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Then you photograph the arrangement with your own camera or phone.

If you have used at least two hours to make the flower arrangement then you really should take a bit of time to photograph it too because when you take it with you it won't look exact the same when you arrive at your home. 

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Flowers love dark and a bit chilly.

For me it's always been a kind of challenge to keep my cut flowers alive at home because we have a bit too warm. So what you can do to longer the life of cut flowers is you can put them to rest cooler place during the night and daytime never to direct sunlight if possible. 

We used a lot of tulips in my workshops and they were intentionally wide-open. I love how they show their inner beauty too. Of course they don't last so long anymore but when you make floral art you use flowers when they are the most beautiful and suitable for your art work. Then you also take a photo of it and you will always have your flower work with you.


Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
We painted a background for our flower photo.

On Sunday we photographed flowers. We painted backgrounds for our photos by Annie Sloan chalk paints I got from Måla and More. Working with them was super easy and they dried quickly so we could use them during the same day.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Photographing demo

We went through very basics of photography. Aperature, shutter speed and iso numbers, these are the three things you have to learn that you can photograph in manual mode. You also have to photograph  in order to get better.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Such concentration

Two days went quickly and it was wonderful to meet all the lovely ladies during these 2 days. For me it's important that students takes something with them home and not only flowers but most importantly a bunch of good spirit and inspiration and day well spent.

Kreetta Järvenpää Photography ©
Thank you!

When will be the next flower workshop? 

That is the question I have heard few times after these workshops. I work as a photographer and artist so these flower workshops are great combo with my daily work. But because I am co-working at the moment flower workshops with different companies I need to get more clear picture of the spring to schedule my own workshops. But I think if not before then in June. Send me an e-mail if you want to hear about these workshops by e-mail: or you can follow me in Instagram @kreettakreetta or Kreetta Järvenpää Photography FB page I will inform in these two what's happening in my flower world ;)

Have a sunny Sunday evening!


Saturday, September 30, 2017



The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

I’m lost in flowers. I've always liked them but after my mom's death 2016 flowers just took over. My mom loved flowers and somehow I feel more connected to her when I work with them. I’ve been organizing flower workshops in Helsinki at my workspace työhuone ovi 10 for over one year now and I always find myself making wild flower arrangements from the workshop leftovers because in the workshop I teach flower photography and floral designer is teaching the flower arrangement. But because I want to learn to make very beautiful flower works I decided to make a trip to well-known floral designer and gardener Susanne Hatwood known as The Blue Carrot. Her work speaks the language I love and I was her 1:1 student for two days in April. This trip was a gift to me from me. Creativity needs to be fed. 

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

In the workshop morning I’m very excited and a bit scared too because I’m only a photographer who wants to learn to make beautiful flower works that I can photograph and of course I’m a big fan of her work so this is really exciting. We drive to her workspace. It’s in a small stone house next to the old farm house. When Susanne opens the door, I just can’t get my eyes off her flowers. Amazing! 

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

We continue to see her garden and that is such a charming place! I’m feeling a bit envy but mostly I’m thrilled to be here. Her place is truly a hidden gem. I'm already in love.

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

First we decide to make a bouquet because I’ve never done one! She is teaching me the spiral technique. That is because we want to avoid crushing and breaking those delicate stems. It’s demanding a great deal of patience and finally my left hand fingers are starting to feel really stiff and the whole hand is hurting a bit. Susanne reminds me to relax my hand and fingers and same time to see how flowers goes in shape that is natural for them. She is so right. 

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

It’s also important to build both sides of the bouquet and that is a challenge for me as a very beginner. We step out to a light to see how our bouquets looks against simple background. It’s also very helpful to take a photo of it to see more clearly what to change and how to continue. You can also use a mirror to see.

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

Susanne has amazing skill to build a movement in her flower works. Like the bouquet she is building now. I struggle with very basic things and she is helping me out and giving good advices so I’m not in trouble at all (actually I have pretty good chances to success because next to me is very talented flower lady) But still I have this moment of frustration “Can I start all over again?” I ask. “No” Susanne answers. In creative process I often get to the point when I feel real frustration because the work doesn’t look like I want to. But (most of the time) I’ve learned to breath in and out I do something else and then go back to the thing I was doing. But now Susanne takes my bouquet and tells me loose my fingers (again - this is second or third time) - she says “Look where the flowers set. Forcing is not a good way to work with flowers.” Wise words and quite obvious too but did not come to my mind in this pure excitement, haha.

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

Fact is I did have difficulties to choose right amount of different flowers to my bouquet because there were too many beautiful and charming ones around me and that doesn't happen too often.

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

Susanne’s philosophy is charming. Her bright blue eyes and sense of humour are enchanting. She is a lady of no rules even though she is very precise in everything. She doesn’t care about numbers, green foliage, cold colours. She is all about movement, curves and autumn colors. She also keeps her arrangements quite simple if talking about amount of different flowers and colors. No mess of flowers around here but lot of laughing.

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

Suddenly my bouquet is ready to be tied up. Susanne puts my bouquet on the table and takes burlap string and ties it up tightly but not forcing. Then she takes flower tape and rolls it on the burlap string few times and then turn the tape’s sticky side up that when we add the silky ribbon it will stay there without problem. 

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

After the work is done we start to photograph our beautiful bouquets. And that you should have seen. Two ladies with their cameras going around and round those flower bouquets and how many places we tried - trying to find a perfect light and angle. But as all creatives they know their light and Susanne’s workspace window is magical before the noon. 

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

I can already say I’ve learnt many things but one of them is patience. I don’t have it always so much so it’s a challenge. It’s important to concentrate when choosing your flowers like what kind of flowers, colors, right size, right shaped stem and how to put it in the right place. When collecting ingredients it doesn’t have to be the most beautiful ones but they have to speak the same language in every level: color, shape, texture, size, contrast, movement. Seeing different shades and colors together - is it cold or warm tone - makes the difference. You might have to leave your favorite flower out from the bouquet. We are not talking about easy decisions.

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

Next day we continue with flower arrangement but the time just keeps running and suddenly it’s time to close the workshop door behind us. I’ve enjoyed two days in the middle of flower haven with talented Susanne. She has her own way with flowers and she follows more her instinct than rules. But of course she is on that level that she can work like that. She doesn’t make easy decisions, she is a bit like her favorite flower - dark colored tulip called The Queen of the Night. There is drama and tranquility with a hint of absolutely perfect sense of humour.

The Blue Carrot flower workshop blog:

Because I couldn't take the whole flower arrangement home with me I took few flowers. I pressed them between the magazine I bought from the Paddington station for the train reading. Those flowers are my souvenir from the beautiful flower experience I had with Susanne in her magical workshop in Portscatho, Cornwall.

Next week I will travel to Belgium to Golden Age : The Abundance of Autumn workshop by Fleuropean and The Blue Carrot. I can't believe this is happening but it is. You will see and hear about it during next week in my IG and later on here in my blog. It's another gift to me from me. I paid these workshops with my inherited money from my mom. I think it's well spent money.

Enjoy your weekend!

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