Tuesday, August 7, 2018



H&M home flower workshop photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

In the times of the pictorial glut it's even more important to understand the power of one photo. 

In July I had a chance to teach a flower workshop at H&M Home in Iso Omena for 2 wonderful groups of lucky members of H&M Club. This pic I styled and photographed for H&M for marketing these workshops. I also used it in my own Instagram feed and offered a chance to win 2 places in these workshops for my followers. I just love the idea of one photo but of course I had to take few and finally I used two pics in my feed. One when announcing the competition and one as a reminder pic.  ( and when I'm telling in IG about this post I will use the third one) 

Social media demands often more than one photo but there is a difference between enough and overload. Before I began my Instagram feed January 2014 I was very convinced that I don't need or actually the world doesn't need more of my pics but I was wrong. From Instagram I found very lovely community of people who I'm following now and we are having great conversations and plenty of useful tips have been shared and mindful thoughts too. I've got so many thankful comments and DM:s about my flower photography that it's been almost overwhelming.

Yes, my feed is full of flowers and (at the moment) Mama Haruki's kittens too. There are posts of food too but mostly flowers. I have over 14 000 followers and I'm very grateful of that and always happy to read all the comments. Maybe now I can call myself social media influencer. I've made few Instagram takeovers and I have to say I've enjoyed a lot making them. Love to tell this to you because I'm back at work and it's time to create something new and beautiful, don't you think? Something what we haven't seen before. 

One more thing. I was smiling today when I saw the cover of Vogue. There were huge flower headpiece and Beyonce. I had an art exhibition I See Color in January where I had huge floral headpieces. I taught flower crown workshop at Johanna Gullichsen shop in Helsinki in May and designed flower crowns for Supershe Island summer 2018 retreatsFlower crowns are made by Bukettmakaren. I guess we are not so far from each other anymore. The world and us.


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